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Stop Selling Homes
Learn How To Earn $1 Million a Year After Expenses With a Profitable Real Estate Team Who Does the Work For You
Jeff Cohn, the #1 Team Leader in Nebraska, sold 601 homes in 2016 working 1 day a week earning a net profit of $1.2 Million.
Would you like to do the same?
Introducing the Elite Real Estate Systems
Team Building Workshop
Only $2,997 
For You and One Guest

Quick Overview of What You Get

Full-Day Workshop
Lifetime Access to Intellectual Property, Systems & Marketing Materials
Access to our Private Facebook Community of 100+ Top Agents
From the Desk of Jeff Cohn
Dear Top Real Estate Agent:

Are you exhausted from GRINDING - starting your business over from scratch every January?

Tired of skipping your kids’ events - missing out on quality time with your family to meet with clients?

Getting passed up by hungry, aggressive agents who are doing more deals, making more money...and making it look easy?
Why They Don’t Want You To Have A REAL Business
No one wants you to build a team.

A real, sustainable, scalable business. 

They want you to “stay in your lane.”

Be a good salesperson. Work hard. Sell some homes.

Work with friends and family. Maybe work a farm.


Keeping you in production keeps you under their thumb. 

It keeps you in debt, it keeps you in the brokerage system, it keeps you in high-dollar coaching.

The status quo works for brokers. It works for coaches. It works for the other agents in your office.

It just doesn’t work for you.
The Status Quo: A Recipe for Burnout
In the past, building a real estate team was unthinkable - downplayed, discouraged, even sabotaged by brokers and coaches.

If you tried to leverage yourself with staff and systems, you were mocked, ridiculed, accused of weakness.

As if the formula for success is “Do everything yourself till you drop dead of exhaustion.”

But with the rise of real estate teams in the last 10 years, brokers have been forced to cut costs, reduce splits and make room for real estate teams.

Creating an incredible new opportunity.

The opportunity to STOP selling homes, and START building a team of agents who sell homes FOR you.

That’s what gets me really excited.
I Want To Share That Opportunity With You
There’s nothing special about me.

But my personal experience is living proof that building a team is not just possible, but predictable and repeatable for any top producing agent.

I got into real estate in 2006 - just in time for the financial crisis.

I worked long hours and spent a lot of time away from my wife and young kids.

I took every phone call, every meeting, every networking opportunity.

I prospected Expired’s and FSBO’s, worked my database for referrals, cold called neighborhoods.

I did everything I could to bring in business.

What did I get for all that effort?

In 2011, I had my best year and sold 80 homes. 

But I was stuck. I couldn’t work more hours, I couldn’t be away from my family that much.

I knew there had to be something more.

I set out to find the answer.

I did my homework and found the top teams in the country. I cold called them - asked to tour their offices.

I flew out to over 50 offices around the country - at my expense - just to see what they had built with my own eyes.

I took the best of their concepts, systems and strategies, and I went back to implement what I learned.

Then I failed...over and over and over again.

But slowly but surely, I began to find pieces that worked. And I started to put those pieces together into a system.

In fact, I spent over $50,000 on travel and $120,000 on experimental lead generation (testing Adwords, Facebook, Zillow, Trulia,, Craigslist, etc) to find the right system that fueled my team.

And the result of all that pain, embarrassment and repeated failure?

In 2016, my team sold 601 homes. I took home over $1 million in GCI - that’s NET, not gross.

Yet I didn’t personally close a single deal. 

It was surreal.

I spent every Monday leading the weekly Team Meeting and working with my 2 key direct reports.

Our Operations Manager Kevin McGowan, who runs all our systems and leads our admin staff.

And our Success Manager Andy Kueny, who leads our team of 25+ agents, including taking every late night call or text and conducting every one-on-one-meeting.
But...I Could Have Scaled Even Faster
Here’s the real shocker.

Once I had my key systems in place, the formula to building the #1 team in the state was actually very simple.

Add leads. Add agents. Repeat.

I just wish I had a guide through the minefield of mistakes I made.

I could have eliminated all that failure, embarrassment and pain.

I could have built my team a lot faster with a lot less risk.

That’s what I want to do for you.

I want to guide you through the you avoid the mistakes I made...the money I wasted.

Imagine if you could...
  •  Blow past other agents in your market - while working less
  •  Take time to spend with your family - with your phone turned off
  •  Stop suffering from Shiny Object Syndrome
  •  Have all the tools, systems and processes you need
  •  Build great relationships with lender/vendor partners
  •  Cover 50-100% of your lead gen costs through those relationships
  •  Get your clients to pay 100% of your admin staff cost
  •  Know exactly who to hire and what their roles/responsibilities are
  •  Onboard them quickly and smoothly
Best of all, imagine having absolute clarity.

A clear vision of your goal.

And a roadmap to get there.

Introducing the Team Building Workshop
You don’t have to fly around the country for 2 years.. touring offices, learning dozens of systems, spending $1,000’s on lead gen...only to fail over and over again.

You can put yourself on the right path in just one day.

Visit our flagship office in Omaha, Nebraska, where we take you behind the scenes, open up our entire business, and teach you everything you need to start, build and grow your real estate team.

Over the course of one day, you’ll...

Learn the exact systems behind our team’s success so you can model them

Spend hours in private consultation - interacting with our leadership team, admin staff and agents

Leave with a customizable roadmap to build the team that works best for you and your market

This isn’t a seminar that sends you home on a high that fades once your airplane touches down.

Yes, you’ll be inspired by new possibilities. New opportunities. New goals for yourself and your family.

But more than’ll know exactly what to do, when to do it, how to do it and why.
Immersive 12-Hour Learning Experience
Here’s how our day together breaks down:

Management Meeting - You’ll join in the weekly Management Meeting with my direct reports, Andy and Kevin. These two key roles can give you the freedom to spend as little as one day/week with your team, and even take weeks of vacation at a time like I’ve done the last few years.

Team Accountability Meeting - Watch and interact with our team agents as they report their prospecting numbers, wins and challenges of the week. You’ll learn exactly how to run a weekly sales meeting that motivates agents while holding them accountable.

C.L.A.P.S. Training - Learn the foundational elements of your team - Culture, Leads, Accountability, Processes and Strategies - so you understand what works, what doesn’t and why.

Agent One-on-One Meetings - Sit in on real accountability meetings that keep our agents on track toward their goals, enforces best practices for lead conversion, and builds deep personal relationships. You’ll know exactly how to run individual meetings that keep agents focused, consistent and engaged.

Listing Presentation & Dialogue Training - Sharpen your training and dialogue skills as you sit with Marc Cohn, our Lead Dialogue Trainer and Team Recruiter. Marc goes through our team listing presentation and shares our best dialogues for buyer/seller lead conversion.

Operations Training - Kevin McGowan takes you deep into the systems our team depends on, including our Master Database, Agent Accountability Tracker, Income Calculators and more. You’ll get access to template versions you can download and use right away.

Monday Mastermind Dinner - We’ll finish by getting out of the office and having a great dinner. We’ll cover unconventional lead generation strategies, management practices and the systems that have allowed me to exit the daily activities of our team. You’ll know exactly how to lead your team - and be in complete control - working only one day a week.
How We Honor Your Time & Commitment Level
As a top producing agent, every hour you spend away from your business counts. And we want to honor that investment of your time.

We recommend that you fly into Omaha on a Sunday night, spend Monday with us and fly out Tuesday morning.

That puts your total time away from your business at about 16 hours.

When you register, we provide all the travel information you need, including hotel and airport details, to make the process as simple as possible.
Lifetime Access to Our Systems
As an added-value benefit of attending a Team Building Workshop, you’ll receive full lifetime access to our team’s Google Drive, which contains all our intellectual property, including the tracking spreadsheets we use to run the team, our actual editable iPad listing presentation and our training video library.

Below is a just a sample of what’s included in our Google Drive:
  •  Master Database
  •  Agent Accountability Tracker
  •  SmartDrip Email Campaigns
  •  Boomtown Training Videos – 11 videos covering every aspect of Boomtown for a new agent
  •  New Agent Setup Admin Checklist
  •  Video Training Library – Constantly updated rotation of our training videos covering topics such as Dialogue, Listing Presentation, MOJO Dialer, Negotiation, Sphere & Open House, Purchase Agreement, Paragon and Vulcan 7.
  •  The Perfect Listing Presentation (editable docx format)
  •  Complete Expired and FSBO direct mail campaigns 
Registration, Limitations & Guests
We hold the workshop at our flagship location - a working real estate office with 25+ active agents - because we’ve found it’s the best way to immerse you in our team’s systems and culture.

That way you get the best results from our time together.

However, this puts some practical limitations on our workshop.

We conduct our workshops one Monday each month - limiting disruption to our agents.

Workshop Registration is $2,997 per attendee - limiting it to those who are successful, serious and engaged in the Workshop.

Workshops are set at 5 paying attendees - limiting it to a small group of top producing agents and key staff, with lots of one-on-one time for us to spend together.

Note: You may bring a guest at no charge.

Past attendees tend to bring a business partner, lender or key staff member.

Rather than coming back and dumping all your new ideas on your key staff or business partner, bring them with you. Get the buy-in you need to implement what you learn. If you prefer, you can bring a spouse or significant other as your guest. (There’s some great restaurants we can recommend for a memorable night out!)

See What Top Agents Are Saying...

Pat Hiban | Real Estate Team Owner, Investor & Author | Host of Real Estate Rockstars 

How do you run a team that allows you to net a million bucks and never have to talk to a buyer or seller yourself? Jeff Cohn and Omaha's Elite do just that. Invest in yourself with this workshop - become stress free and financially free, just like Jeff.

Joshua Smith | Broker, Trainer & Speaker | Host of GSD Mode

I attended Jeff Cohn’s Team Building Workshop in 2016 and the experience was mind-blowing! You get a chance to see the entire back end operations of one of the most successful Team Leaders on the planet as well as experiencing the energy and culture of his office which is INSANE! This is a must-attend for any team leader truly wanting to expand their Team!

Brett Tanner | Real Estate Team Leader

Jeff’s Team Building Workshop is a must attend for anyone with a team or looking to build a team. This is the best investment you'll ever make in your real estate business.

Paul Morris | Broker & Operating Principal 

Jeff is singular in this space- no-one I have met has a better approach to real estate sales systems. His willingness to share demonstrates his big vision and abundant thinking. If you want to succeed in real estate, Jeff will show you the path, then its up to you to follow or not.

Frank Klesitz | Founder/CEO of Vyral Marketing

Jeff Cohn is brilliant. Not only how he runs his highly profitable real estate team, but with regard to how he LEARNED to run his real estate team. Jeff flew around the country on his own dime to shadow top performing teams for years. He learned right from the source - and then modeled their systems. But, most importantly, he modeled the behavior of the leader and the office culture he directly experienced.

This is what you need to do, too. Now, Jeff created what he wishes he had when he got started - a structured 1-day office tour to experience first hand what it takes to lead a million-dollar-earning real estate team where you get paid for what you own, not what you do. Jeff has mastered the art of "exiting your business" with a systems-based, non-people dependent real estate team model that sells homes at profitable margins for you - consistently.

If you want to build a lasting real estate business to finally get off the transaction treadmill where you trade time for money - you need to get to Jeff's office so you can experience not only the marketing, people, and operations systems that work - but more importantly the critical, intangible soft skills like leadership, culture, values, and environment that motivates people to work for you and succeed at the highest levels. You'll never experience what Jeff shares at his office on a webinar, phone call, or video. Get to Jeff's workshop - I highly recommend it.

Tim Heyl | Owner of Heyl Real Estate & Phone Animal

Our industry Is filled with plenty of thought leadership but with little "how to" specifics. Jeff Cohn's workshop is one of the most system-packed seminars I've seen. Agents walk away with the actual tools they need to duplicate Jeff's unique success. Not to mention Jeff himself is the real deal.

Josh Cunningham | Founder/CEO of Rokrbox

Jeff Cohn's Team Building Workshop is the industry's most intense, no BS, all-secrets-revealed learning experience.

Toby Salgado | Real Estate Investor & Entrepreneur
 Host of Super Agents Live

Jeff’s Team Building Workshop was spot on! I’ve interviewed hundreds of top agents from across the country and his systems and processes are some of the best in the industry!
100% Money Back Guarantee
Some of the key names in our industry - Pat Hiban, Tim Heyl, Josh Smith, Toby Salgado, Brett Tanner, Sam Monreal were blown away by the workshop.

But what if we can’t meet your expectations?

If you feel that the content you received won’t make you back at least your Workshop investment within the next calendar year, we’ll happily and gladly issue a full refund.

PLUS we’ll take any feedback you may have, and use it to make our workshop better for future attendees.

Over 100 attendees have come through our workshop - not a single one has asked for a refund. 

Nothing Will Change If You Don’t Take Action
Imagine yourself and your business in the exact same place 5 years from now.

Grinding on the phone every day.

Meeting every client.

Taking every late night phone call

Returning every text. Every email. Every Facebook Message.

Hustling for every deal.

Watching as other agents in your market blow past you - doing more deals - making more money - and making it look easy.

P.S. Remember, for the same investment as a couple months of coaching or attending just one industry event, you could change the course of your life.
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