Greg's Favorite Scripts
Scripts are like training wheels.
The more you learn, memorize and use them, the more you absorb the mindset behind them. 

Then you make the scripts your own. After a while, you don't even need them anymore.

This PDF is a collection of some of my favorite scripts.

Each script links to a video where you can hear me use the script in conversation.


-Buyer and seller follow up scripts
-Referral generation & sphere of influence reconnect scripts
-Friend in the business objection handler
-Price reduction script

I also included a great script for getting that bargain-shopping buyer to make a great offer. I call it the "Just Go Buy It" script.

Enter your best email and download my favorite scripts. If you use them, I know they'll help you get more clients and close more deals. 

Greg McDaniel
Co-Host | Real Estate Uncensored
Partner | McDaniel Callahan Team
Danville, CA
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